Grace Granted Through Passion


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“I choose to journey, and not to conform…”

-Lauren J. Covito

We journey through life with intentions of reaching ur purpose. Our purpose is what we are destined to do, why we are destined to do it, and who we are destined to be. This journey often leads us, as individuals, to identify who we are. Once we identify who we are, it allows for us to remain true to our self in the process. A significant factor that allows for us as human being so identify is through our spirituality. Created in God’s image and likeness, we are molded and crafted for a sense of self, that God already knows. He knows who we are capable of becoming, and gracefully transgresses us for a higher purpose. He graciously grants us with what we have been gifted, to share with others. Through our passions, our connections with others, and our faith we are able to understand our destiny and fate. How do can we utilize the tools we have been given and the faith in our “process” to evolve into the best versions of ourselves and share our journeys with others. Lauren J. Covito shares her personal journey as a Christian, and the role her spirituality plays in her passions, especially music.

A 28 year old musician, Lauren “Joy” Covito lives through prayer, love, and music. The songstress duos with her husband of seven years under the stage name Elle Deva. Covito shares her journey in her interview of growth as a Christian, a wife, and a musician.


Question: Explain how your spirituality plays a significant role in the passionate areas of your life

Lauren: As a singer/songwriter, my spirituality plays a huge role in every aspect of my life, but especially where music is concerned. As a firm believer in Christ, I feel music is prayer and I may not write Gospel or mention His name, however, it’s worship. Each time I’m on stage and in every moment of writing, I get to use what He has given me, a kind of grace I am fully aware of in my life.

Question: Explain the challenges you have faced with individuality (staying true to yourself) in the world of music.

Lauren: A few years ago, my duo (Elle Deva) was approached by a very well-known label with an offer specifically for me as a singer. They were prepared to offer me a complete deal, including writing for me. The thing I find at times with music is that, to make music and succeed you often have to sound like the music that already exists, we’re closing our minds more and more with every generation to new sounds and new music. This is one of the main reasons I don’t often take a liking to mainstream music, it’s already been done, the lyrics cover similar topics. Indie music on the other hand is what I’m drawn to mostly, the lyrics are vast, very relatable and takes you places, it paints pictures that expands the imagination. This is what commercial music lacks, it’s no longer a journey. Getting back to my experience, I chose to journey and not to conform. I may never reach the level of listeners as a mainstream artist, the few I do reach I pray only I’ve managed to help them dream, to comfort an emotion and express it purely.

Question: What do you believe are some of the beautiful components of your faith?

Lauren: Being completely immersed in my faith, often allows me to remain sane, keeps my communication calm and the anxiety at bay. One of the most beautiful components is definitely that fact that people often pick this up, pubs, bars any venue I’ve performed in I usually have people who do not believe asking me if I’m a believer. The conversations get deep, where people open themselves without me asking, they share their deepest regrets and sometimes even question me being a musician and a christian. This is where I am able to show that it is possible to believe and be a blessing.

Question: What are some of your most significant lyrics? (lyrics that can resonate with other viewers, listeners, and yourself)

Lauren: ‘Rain Roses’ was written in a very difficult period of my life, a period where nothing made sense and all I could do was look at the heavens, asking God to let it rain roses in my life, send the miracle in this confusion.


Rain Roses:

Colours turn to shapes

Shapes into lines

Nothing’s as it seems, we’re delusional

Heartbeats turn to stone

Bones into dust

All we cry is fire all we see is smoke

Sky open

Chance fall down

And rain, would you rain roses

Before the sky falls

Would you rain?

Your promises become lies

Your comfort changes into wind

And the words you speak

Are like killer bullets to my soul

All I do is sigh

Now I’m bleeding hope, I won’t give up, I won’t give in.

Question: What do you identify as key components of staying true to yourself (this is a good area to enlighten others with advice, steps to take, and how navigate through their journey)

Lauren: Staying true to myself has never proved difficult, as I have never been easily influenced. Bullying, the urge to become something I’m not never phased me. No matter your spiritual beliefs, something I find helps me stay true to myself , is always making time to learning new things about myself, accepting my weaknesses and rejoicing in my strengths. The more you know yourself the easier it is to be yourself. My faith in this case of course plays a major role, because not only can I accept myself but I have a belief system that encourages me to ‘be’.

Question: Explain ways in which you connect with various people through your connection with God.

Lauren: Connecting with people is a blessing in disguise, it always lifts me in my lowest times to connect with people, religious or not. There’s always something to learn. One of the main things I do before performing or even reaching the destination is I reach out to God and ask Him in prayer, to help my voice touch a life, to send me people who might need a word of encouragement, or perhaps people who might have a word for me This has always been my help, as I’ve never once completed a performance where I haven’t gone into the most amazing conversations. Human connection is simple, in a small amount of time, you give and receive, that’s the power of not only connecting but the blessing of words.

Question: What are some words of encouragement that you would offer to others to reach their divine calling?

Lauren: Finding your divine calling really begins with knowing yourself. Everything you’ve been handed in life, begin to see it as grace, don’t get easily discouraged. Everything takes time, especially the big things in life. Trust me, when things take time, you’ll be prepared to handle it when it shows up and also have an intense gratitude towards your calling when it is made visible.

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