No Strings Attached:

Unconditional Self-Love

Part One: Dealing With Your Broken

If you noticed, sometimes it takes something broken for a breakthrough to arise. It sounds ironic, that something drastic must occur or that someone must have hit their breaking point to conquer the problem. We do not look at self-love originally as a problem; we view it as a part of our lifestyle. It’s involved in our behaviors and our words. These actions, words, and thoughts we possess that are negligent to our image and the perception we have of ourselves. They become things that we have adapted to, they become “us”.

Every person has a breaking point, but we do not revel in this. We frown at the idea of “breaking” because, society around us has painted the scenario and implanted the thought that broken is not beautiful, desirable, or loved. The idea of broken has been changed into the following: unattainable, undesirable, unfixable, and hopeless. These fixated terms slope the way we view ourselves, it diminishes our love for our existence. Here is the message I hope resonates with you after your breakdown:

  • Diminish Suppression: Do not deprive yourself of being set free and lifted of burdens and constraints. We as humans are not equipped to inhibiting ourselves and concealing our attitudes and emotions beyond a certain point. Allow yourself to unravel; you do not have to remain together to the point where you are only hurting yourself by holding everything in.
  • Acknowledge the Pain- Some forms of acknowledgement hurt, and the acknowledgement of lacking self-love is one of many pains. Broken is a deeply rooted feeling, which evolves from tiny portion of us into engulfing and encompassing the person as a whole. When the pain is acknowledged or treated as something small or as nothing, it becomes so much more. If you ignore it, you do a disservice to yourself and your humanness by ignoring that you are hurting and in pain. Tell yourself the truth, acknowledge what is real.
  • Broken Is Not Pretty But Needed- Understand that your journey to reaching a breakthrough of self-love and value is not going to be “pretty”, it will not be something you will be attracted to in the beginning. The lack of self-love or the idea of living yourself has become unfamiliar. When you have journeyed too far and too deep into the dark place where self-love has become scarce or absent in worth, it takes more time and investment to resolve. Sometimes you have to be broken gracefully in the most impressive way.
  • You are Repairable- Do not view yourself as a hopeless tragedy, do not abandon yourself. Broken can be beautiful again, be wise you can evolve from it. Nothing can be exactly the same as it once was but it can be better and more valued.

This area is a start for gaining control of where you are losing yourself and your worth. It is important to unravel and release to replenish yourself. Begin in this phase; loosen at the seams where you are holding on by the threads.

  • Write a letter to yourself, the person you are now, and tell them how you feel.
  • Pray and have a conversation with God, your close inner circle, or even yourself.
  • Meditate and take a pause. (Disengage from distractions for a set moment for yourself).
  • Cry; release the negative energy and emotions inside of you.

After you have finished any or some of these options tell yourself you are going to do better and become better. Speak this into existence, to where you begin to believe it is real. This series and phases of gaining self-love in the most unconditional will be a significant journey. By the end, I hope you will gain the gift of loving yourself with no restraints, no conditions, and no strings attached.


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