The Gray Area: Finding Your Purpose


There are periods in our lives when we feel incomplete. Incomplete in a way that the rest of our life journey remains unclear. Remains vague and imaginative, where we are ill prepared. Recollect on every moment you have fulfilled an obligation, a task, a goal, or overcome a stable hurdle. That is when you reach the, “What now?” After investing energy into things, situations, and people and reaching a place of contentment and completion, what happens after that? What is your next step, what is your next obligation, task, goal, or even your next hurdle? We at times do not grant ourselves time to ponder in the gray area, which is why we often do not understand the importance of being tranquil. The absence of tranquility is the absence of trust, understanding, and patience.

The gray area is an indefinite existence, it is somewhat like “floating in between” reality now and what reality will later be. The gray area is the period of some of the following things:

  • Going through the motions of daily living.
  • Having a plan, but not acting upon it.
  • Having a plan, acting upon it, but it remains unfulfilled.
  • Feeling unaccomplished or unattainable

This period that you are in, or have been in whether less or more frequently is not your imagination, it’s not a myth, but it it is indeed mental. It’s dwindling in a place of uncertainty with your surroundings, your identity, or your purpose. As human beings we desire to be purposeful and fulfilled in life, we desire for meaning. But we encounter gray areas that hinder us in the process. We then realize we have spent so time searching for meaning, that we never to a moment to buffer. Hindering the process of our desire to grow.

How do we stop floating in between? What better way than to trust in the presence of uncertainty. The way in which we approach uncertainty, determines the way we process it and the way we take initiative. Acknowledge your gray. Acknowledge it’s significance of becoming more familiar with yourself, others, and your life. It’s a fearful process, it’s conflicting, but it’s important. At times we need a period of reflection and buffering to acknowledge the possibilities.

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