Time Framing: Your Time


“Your time is neither right nor wrong, it is necessary…”

There is constantly the consideration of time, it is an entity that we as humans constantly dwell and contemplate. Time is such a valuable component in our lives, but we do not view it adequately. We invest a large amount of our energy wondering and worrying about timing within our lives. It surrounds us in each and everything we do; we have to consider it in every way. Time overwhelms us because: there is never enough, there is too much, it feels right, it feels wrong, reassuring, or uncertain.

Time centers and inserts itself in our choices, our plans, and everywhere in which it plays a role. One main discrepancy we often face is the comparison of timing with the timing of others. It is portrayed as if we are competing with making things happen; time framing everything before we lose it. But in reality we are not really competing with others nor time, we are just trying to keep up with it. We become afraid of being left behind by time, by people, or opportunities. So we compare and contrast ourselves with others thinking, “Why am I behind when..?”

  • We should be at the same place.
  • We started at around the same time.
  • We performed the same tasks.
  • We do the same thing(s).

Or we consider “What could have been..?”

  • If I had change my approach.
  • If I had not made this mistake.
  • If I had listened and taken the initiative.
  • If I had took the opportunity while it was there.
  • If I did what he, she, or they did.

Would it be different? The answer is no, it probably would not have turned out any differently. Time never stops going, it continues, it comes when it must, and leaves when it has to. Time does not empathize with expectations, it empathizes with reality. Time is unlimited when abundant, and limited when fated. It is not perfect, but is necessary for our journey. It is different for everyone, because our journeys are not the same. We as individuals may have similarities in our journeys, but one main thing we differ with is timing. Our detours differ, our steps and precautions are considered differently, our plans and initiatives differ, as well as our circumstances. Where we each are, at this moment is where we were meant to be. It is not right or wrong timing, it is your time. It is fitting, whether understood or not.

Consider where you are now, and understand where you are. Become aware and familiar. Trust in your process and timing, and avoid the comparisons of the timing of others. Your time is coming, and comes when it must.

2 thoughts on “Time Framing: Your Time

  1. Great post, so inspiring! We need to use our time wisely, don’t waste it wondering “what if” just do whatever we want to accomplish💕 I’m a new blogger, please check it out if you get a chance:)


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