No Strings Attached: Unconditional Self Love Part Three


No Strings Attached:

Unconditional Self-Love

Part Three: Forgiveness

There are many things that we have yet to detach ourselves from, things that we have yet to forgive. These negative components or attributes latch unto us in a dormant way, and we become susceptible to the pain that we have yet to deal with because we refuse to. There is a difference between moving on and moving forward, and at times we confuse the two. We are unfamiliar with the adequate process of letting go, which yields us to assess the easiest coping mechanism which is refusing to forgive. When you refuse to forgive, you cheat yourself out of growth. We as human beings have to love life enough to forgive people, situations, and circumstances that have affected us. We also have to love ourselves enough to forgive ourselves.

The absence of self-love often involves lack of forgiveness. Our humanness involves imperfections in need of progress, evolvement, experience, and molding. These areas involve learning, acknowledgment, and awareness. But at times we are not coherent to our growing process, which causes us to not be receptive. When we hold grudges with other people, circumstances, and ourselves we dissolve. As individuals we sometimes think: How can I forgive them? Why should I forgive them? And sometimes we also think: How can I forgive myself? Why should I forgive myself? Do I deserve to be forgiven?

You must make peace with yourself, and acknowledge your whole being. You will have to make peace with yourself many times. Once you make peace with yourself, then you can make peace with others, and then you can make peace with your situations. Then after, you can gather the pieces of your life again you resume. And each time you relapse, and resent yourself, forgive yourself. God forgives you because he loves you. People who love you forgive you, because they love. Now all you have left is for you to love you.




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