Breakthrough: Faith in the Turmoil


One moment everything is fine, then it all goes wrong. It is like someone took a stray piece of thread and slowly pulled, unraveling everything to its demise. It becomes a chain reaction of unfortunate events, circumstances, and crumbling. It never stops, until an abrupt moment of hitting a bed of rocks. At this point, as human beings we feel this is what the end feels like: abrupt, forthcoming, and intense. This is what rock bottom feels like, it feels intense upon impact. We as human beings are never really prepared for it, and although we know it is coming we doubt its capabilities.

In our situation and circumstance of spiraling turmoil, we often think that we are invincible, because we have withstood the impact of this spiral of control for so long. But rock bottom is a wakeup call, it is what yanks us back to reality, it is our ultimatum. Rock bottom is where the spiral ends, but where the hole caves in and we become trapped. Desolate. This cave or hole that we get stuck in, gives us an ultimatum. Although this phase does indeed humble us, we will either rise or crumble. Each of us individually cope with being gracefully broken different. Before broken we are collapsing, it’s a type of “falling” that feels endless. It is when we get to points and spaces in our life where we always fear where bottom is ending. We unravel before the breakthrough ever begins, because it we feel too deep in the madness.

We unravel under pressure, but our breakthrough is where we find our resolution. When we as individuals reach our low, when we feel there is nothing left to give, when we feel it cannot get any worse, and we are left in dark spaces what do we take from these experiences? But despite where that dark space is, there is always something we are left with. It is where we make our discovery of the changes that must com, or the effort needed to advance our progress for the better. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, small enough to fit in your hands enough for you to carry you can get through anything. Having faith through your turmoil is where your breakthrough begins. Having hope that if you do unravel into what may feel like heaps of threads that may take what feels like forever to piece together again, makes capable. It makes you resilient, that despite anything your breakthrough is coming.


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