Life Itself: Poetry E-book Available


Dear Reader,

Hopefully you all are doing okay. Just wanted to share with you all, that I have completed a poetry e-book that is now available on Amazon (I will update on the process of hard copies.)

This collection is entitled Life Itself, and serves as the introduction into a four book series that will detail on pivotal life components and chapters in acronyms. This collection of poems is written to relinquish internalized emotions and perceptions of life itself. Life Itself is a series of lessons, blessings, and healing that mold us as a whole. This is a reflection on chapters of living. I hope that by the end you are able to feel entitled to your life’s warranty, and every touching moment you and life have ever shared. Hope to have your support as I share this journey with you all in efforts to connect and share the beauty of words.



(Link Available Below)

Life Itself Poetry Book