About Us

The Purpose of E.B.A.U.

‘The quality of life is what you make it out to be…”

“Everything Beautiful About You”

Welcome to E.B.A.U blog website: Everything Beautiful About U. Thank you for navigating and finding your way to our website. Keyword “our”, because this blog is dedicated to a wide variety of beautiful people, E.B.A.U. is a form of unity. This blog originated as a creation to share with others the wonderful nature of embracing individual beauty. We all as individuals were compiled and created with the following attributes:

  • Uniqueness– Imagine this term in an illustrative context. We as individuals were created and designed to be one of a kind, unlike anyone else. Uniqueness makes each of us special in our own context.
  • Gifts– Each of us have been granted with gifts that allow us to flourish and be purposeful in our lives as well as the lives of others. We spend time identifying with ourselves and developing familiarity with the gifts we possess.
  • Connection– We as human beings were not created to be alone, we are not well-equipped for disconnection. We are meant to connect with others through relationships, bonds, mentor-ship, inspirations, and coexisting beings. That is the beautiful thing about people, our ability to attract energy spontaneously.
  • Experiences– We encounter experiences each and everyday that shape who we are as individuals. One must live to gain experiences, and each is perceptively interpreted in ways we choose to be receptive.
E.B.A.U. is a blog dedicated to embracing the unique components of life in the following aspects: creativity, humanity, individuality, innovation, and lifestyle.

This site is meant to create and deliver content to inspire others to mold and embrace their own beautiful.

Message From Owner

The moral outlook that I hope to share with others through the content of this site, as well as the integration of individuals who share their experiences with you, is the importance of the inspiration to inspire others. One of the greatest gifts and blessings in life is being yourself. Through the growth of this site, I hope to interconnect others through passions, originality, shared experiences, and molding their own beautiful. Through E.B.A.U. viewers are able to navigate through a variety of content in the following areas: innovation (creativity), individuality, humanity, and lifestyle. I hope that E.B.A.U. will inspire each viewer to evolve and embrace their unique and genuine aesthetics of their humanness.


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